Alpha Mi Unmanned Surface Vehicle

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Alpha Mi Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Some main uses and application areas of unmanned ships including:

High-precision underwater terrain mapping, dam and embankment safety detection, automatic monitoring of hydrological information, automatic monitoring of water environment and disaster emergency services, etc.

Example of application areas: 

In general, underwater measurements are mostly carried out by normal manned ships, but cannot pass through the shallow water areas and complex areas due to the hull. Sometimes the waters that need to be surveyed cannot even find a rental boat, and the self-contained kayak motor-driven equipment is cumbersome and extremely difficult to transport. It is difficult to carry out underwater measurement operations, and unmanned surface vehicle are perfect for this situation.

Example of usage:


By carrying different sensors, unmanned surface vehicle can realize water quality detection, water sample extraction, underwater imaging detection, etc. in addition to underwater mapping. For example, it can be equipped with a side-scan sonar to find the "dark pipes" on the bottom of the water, scan and search for objects that go deep into the bottom of the water, scan and locate the stone sediments that need to be cleaned underwater, and so on.

Small and lightweight, even for one person

Alpha Mi unmanned surface vehicle

Total weight with battery 17kg

Compared with other ships of the same class, it is about 9kg lighter

Hull size 87×50×33cm

Fits easily into the trunk of a car

Easy and portable transport for one person operation

Long battery life to ensure continuous operation


How critical is the endurance of unmanned surface vehicle?

Maybe you could think of the drone

 Frequent battery replacement for continuous operation

 The power is out when the work it’s almost finished.

Alpha Mi unmanned surface vehicle

Stable battery life even with reduced battery size

Built-in 900Wh large capacity lithium battery

2 m/s constant speed cruise can work continuously for 3~4 hours

Safe navigation


The underwater world is complex and unknown

Factors such as aquatic plants, reefs, fishing nets, plastic bags, etc.

Will have an uncontrollable impact on the operation of the unmanned surface vehicle.

It may cause a grounding if not careful, and need to go into the water to save the boat

Anti-winding, anti-stranding

Alpha Mi unmanned surface vehicle with anti-collision strips

Concealed pump jet, screen and sharp blade design

Multi-resistance to aquatic plants, anti-stranding

Autonomous sailing, automatic return

Support automatic planning routes, hand-painted routes

Sailing at a designated location, a variety of automatic cruises

Low battery automatic return, lost automatic return

Manually return to the home with one key, safe autonomous sailing


Simple and easy software

Alpha Mi unmanned surface vehicle, integrated ship control software

Integrate automatic cruise software and bathymetry software

Software can do:

Functions such as route planning, parameter setting, hull control, data display, status display and result export.

More convenient, easy to operate and easy to learn, beginners can also get started quickly


It is true that the Alpha Mi unmanned surface vehicle is far more powerful than that:

 Route planning, automatic measurement

Not only can it automatically plan the route and automatically adjust the attitude, but also import the measurement boundary or the measurement route as a reference, and complete the operation according to the required range.

 Strong power system

Pump jet motor, with a speed of up to 6m/s, which can easily cope with rapid water flow

 Highly integrated main control system

Positioning, orientation, sonar, control, network, radio, multi-functional integration and high integration, built-in RTK/PPK fusion algorithm, to achieve centimeter-level precision positioning

 Data assurance

The original data is stored on the ship, can be saved if lost connection

Alpha Mi Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Alpha Mi Unmanned Surface VehicleSome main uses and application areas of unmanne
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