Alpha Surveying in CHINTERGEO

Time:2023-02-23 13:26:11

Alpha Surveying in CHINTERGEO

February 14-16. 2023

CHINTERGEO China Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology Equipment Exhibition was held at Nanchang International Expo Center.

CHINTERGEO is an important event in the surveying and mapping industry in China

Attracted more than 300 well-known brands from the surveying, mapping, and geographic information industry at home and abroad 

▲The founder of Alpha Surveying was invited to the opening ceremony

As the manufacturer of RTK, total station, and survey USV, Alpha Surveying made its debut. The unified brand image, offline store form booth, whole series of self-developed product displays, partner reception and communication, user salon, and other elements are displayed all-round. Alpha's Surveying has become the focus of this CHINTERGEO exhibition.

▲Video of Alpha Surveying in the CHINTERGEO




Guangzhou Alpha Surveying attended the exhibition with full production line,  total 16 products in 4 categories, including unmanned USV, satellite positioning, optoelectronics, and monitoring. 



The technical style and design of the Alpha total station and stable mass-produced 1″ total station Alpha Tx, which attracted the core partners;

Besides the GNSS Alpha 5i, this time we also get a brand new model: Alpha 3 and it has attracted the most attention. It really only has the size of a fist of an adult. 

Less than 10 cm and a weight of just a little more than 300 grams, but lightness is not all, the most important it's: professionalism.  Customized Beidou all-galaxy full-frequency flat-panel antenna, Bluetooth, inertial navigation, integrated radio transceiver, 5/8 screw port, 15 hours of battery life... the first batch of users has been booked.

For the hot selling item of the domestic market. Alpha Mi survey USV is a must for every audience at our booth. 

The Alpha detection unmanned surface vehicle M3 and the Alpha H2 unmanned surface vehicle were launched at the CHINTERGEO. The M3 detection unmanned surface vehicle integrates side-scan sonar images, single-beam sounding, imaging, and automatic navigation operations. Ideal for underwater emergency detection, rescue and salvage, and structural inspection.


In addition to a single beam, the H2 unmanned surface vehicle can mount hydrological equipment such as multi-beam, ADCP, and water quality multi-parameters. The deck bracket can be loaded with long baseline directional antennas, as well as various equipment such as searchlights, shouting, and weather sensors. 


Alpha also brings new products including the Alpha Wi portable echo sounder, Alpha Fi tile sensor, and Alpha level series.


At this exhibition, Alpha Surveying meets held an offline salon with Jiangxi surveyors.

We are together to share, communicate, have dinner, play games, and talent show. Nice to know all of you!


Alpha Surveying keeps moving and improving and we never stopped, and the new products of 2023 will be released soon. We look forward to meeting you again, and we will see you next time!

Alpha Surveying in CHINTERGEO
Alpha Surveying in CHINTERGEOFebruary 14-16. 2023CHINTERGEO China Surveying and
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